YG Acoustics Co. Tours from GTT Audio

Please call Bill Parish, 908 850-3092 for YG Acoustics loudspeakers and other reference audio products.YG Acoustics LLC 4942 Allison St. # 10 Arvada, CO 80002 U.S.A. Tel. +1-801-726-3887

Introducing the Sonja Loudspeaker, the biggest Launch Ever!

Introducing the Hailey Loudspeaker, the Launch!

Welcome to the YG Acoustics Factory- Dick Diamond

The Wire Inside a YG Acoustics Loudspeaker

The YG Acoustics Factory Tour- Introducing Yoav Geva

YG Winds Their Own Coils

The Amazing Gildemeister Machine pt. 1

The Gildemeister at Work

Testing a YG Loudspeaker- the Proper Way

They Machine Their Own Circuit Boards- Yoav Geva

Dick Diamond- Inside the Kipod II

The YG Cones- Made in House, Amazing Manufacturing

Polishing the Panels and the Finale of the Tour

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