Top Audio Series Three

Series Three- scroll down!

The Top Audio Video show in Milan, is the number one event to experience the sensual cornucopia of the highest of the audio and music arts.  The show is the second largest AV show in Europe.  It attracts over 20,000 attendees and exhibitors from across the globe.  It is located in the ATA Quark exhibition hotel within walking distance of a short trolley ride to downtown Milan.

The Lumen White Turntable “The Mystere”

The Audiogamma Room

The Pathos Room- Outstanding Sound

Waterfall Audio with Nadine Chaix Dewell

Audio Natali with D’Agostino amplifiers and Martin Logans

The Kiom Exhibit Room

The Grandinote Room Extreme Audio

The Futura Demone Interview

Lobby and Exhibit Hall-part two

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