T.H.E. Show Newport 2015 Vids 3

Bob Stuart of Meridian Audio, MQA intro and demo

Boulder Audio, Focal, Clarus Cable, XTC racks and stands

Burmester Audio, Tweak Studio, Music Hall, MIT Cables

Diasoul loudspeakers, Kohei Teramoto, Concert Fidelity, Kotobuki

Groove Note, ORG, Originial Recordings Group, Ying Tan

Kuzma turntable tonearm, High Resolution Technology, HRT

Martin Logan Neolith, McIntosh amps, Linn

Perla Audio, the analog room

Piraeus Audio, the Athena Loudspeaker

Prana Fidelity, VAYU, Basis 2200 turntable, reel to reel tape

Rhythm loudspeakers, Jacob George

Ryan loudspeakers, AURALiC DAC, Aries and amplifiers

Scansonic MB 2 5, $3,500, from Raidho, Aavik Acoustics, Ansuz

Vinnie Rossi LIO, Red Wine Audio, Harbeth, Tellurium Q, Stein

Voxativ Pi with woofer extension, 9 87 system, Time Bandit amp

Zu Audio, Sean Casey spins the vinyl

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