T.H.E. Show Newport 2012 Vids 2

Series Two- scroll down!   

From McIntosh to Magico to YG Acoustics to the Dragonfly it’s 14 new and fascinating videos.

McIntosh Labs and their $350,000 system!

The Magico S5, Constellation, MIT and more!

Ripping Vinyl

Ayon and Lumen White

Burmester, Genesis and Anne Bisson sings

Scott Walker Audio- YG Acoustics, Simaudio and Synergistic

Technical Brain

AudioQuest, Audio Research, Vendersteen and Basis Audio

YG Acoustics, Luxman, Brinkmann and Kubala-Sosna

Lindemann, Pure Music, Voce, WyWires and Zesto Audio

Bel Canto, Joseph Audio and Cardas

Totem Acoustic, Cary Audio and McIntosh Labs

Veloce Audio, YG Acoustics

Audience Audio

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