T.H.E Show Newport 2012 Vids 1

Series One- scroll down!   

From Soundsmith to Von Schweikert to Light Harmonic- it’s 15 new and fascinating videos.

The Soundsmith and VPI- all about cartridges. Peter Ledermann adds… it is important that I preface this video with credit to Mr. Frank Schroeder, as I have done in all other interviews and on my website, for the push to use Cactus Spine on the Hyperion. The idea was born 12 years prior in a discussion with Dr. Glen Johnson with whom I worked at IBM Research and now is our scientific adviser, but it was Frank who re-ignited the idea by sending me samples for me to test. My deepest thanks to Frank for “needling” me to take this off the back burner, and develop the technology in 2010.

Von Schweikert and the VR44- Rm. 1023 pt1

JoLida, the new look- Rm. 1023 pt2

United Home Audio and all things reel-to-reel- Rm. 1023 pt3

Digital Ear- McIntosh, Martin Logan

Light Harmonic, DaVinci DAC, Cary Audio, Chapman and MIT

Lotus Group- Granda G2, SMc Audio, Pranawire and Esoteric

Audio Note

Definition AV and the Sony AR1 Loudspeakers

Audio Artistry with Don Keele

Teresonic and Musical Surroundings

The AMG V12 Turntable!

Dynamic Design Cables and Martin Loudspeakers

Berdan Records and the Vinyl Martini

Precision Transducer Engineering- PTE

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