RMAF 2013 Vids 4

George Warren Turntables, George Widman

Dupuy Acoustic, Daisy Reflector, Conga loudspeaker, Rudy Dupuy

Scaena loudspeakers, Kronos Turntable, Veloce electronics

Vivid loudspeakers, Luxman amps, Brinkmann turntables, On a Higher Note, Philip O’Hanlon

Sutherland Audio Engineering, EnKlein Systems

Rutherford Audio, Roksan Audio, Artist Jay Paul Apodaca and Houda Alaoua Apodaca

Burmester Audio, Thorens turntables, Elac speakers, Rutherford Audio

Veloce Audio, Kronos Turntable, YG Acoustics Kipod

Acoustic Zen Audio, Triode Corp of Japan, Twin Audio Video

Stillpoints, Bruce Jacobs, Stillpoints Room Panels

Dynamic Design AV, Bill Artope

Audio Note

MBL Corona Line

Xact Audio, Rockport speakers, Kodo the Beat turntable, Schroder tonearm, Stillpoints

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