T.H.E. Show Newport 2014 Vids 4

A winning room- Triangle Art turntables, Music First Audio, NAT, Audio Note

Amazing! Lyn Stanley live, GTT Audio Video, YG Acoustic, Kubala Sosna, Audionet, Kronos

Aaudio imports, BMC, HB Cable Design, Stage III Concepts, Thales

Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Purist Audio Design, Atma Sphere, Tri Planar

Gingko Audio, DanaCable, Lampizator, Wells Audio

LKV Research, Joseph Audio Loudspeakers, VPI Industries Turntable

Muraudio, 360 degree electrostatic omni directional loudspeakers

Prana Fidelity, Groove Note Records, Brinkmann, Ampex ATR 102

PTE Audio, Precision Transducer Engineering, WyWires

Questyle Audio, Acoustic Zen loudspeakers, Bruce Ball Productions

Stillpoints Aperture Acoustic Panels, Bruce Jacobs

Synergistic Research, Scott Walker Audio

The famous Synergistic Research FEQ and Black Hole test, Magico Q7, VAC

Von Gaylord, new speakers, great amplifiers

Voxativ, Contrast Audio, KR Audio, SoundWaves Turntables

Zesto Audio, WyWires, Merrill Wiliams turntable, TAD loudspeakers

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