T.H.E. Show Newport 2013 Vids 2


Nordost, Valhalla 1 vs Valhalla 2 test

ModWright Instruments, Stillpoints, Marten Speakers, Dynamic Design, Annalyric Systems

Musical Surroundings, Aesthetix, Clearaudio, Benz Micro, Wilson Audio

Audio Element, Brian Berdan

JVC 4K Projector, Quantum Media Systems, Screen Innovations, Ergo Home Theater Seating

Constellation Audio and Magico S1

AudioMachina, Einstein Audio, Musica Nuda

Teresonic, Baetis Audio, Metrum Acoustics

Magneplanar Loudspeakers, Magnepan

Adam Audio, Cary Audio, WyWires

Aragon Acurus, Snake River Audio, Waterfall Audio, Emme Speakers, Sweet Spot Audio

Profundo Audio, Blackbird Audio, Trenner & Friedl, Viva Audio Devices

Kharma International, Kharma Loudspeakers, Kharma Amplifiers

MSB Technology, YG Acoustics

WyWires, Angel City Audio, Melody Amplifiers, Nuforce, LA Sound Panels

Headphonium, Audeze, Centrance, AIX Records, Furutech, Schit Audio, Audio Nore Kits

NOLA Loudspeakers, VAC Amplifiers

MBL Loudspeakers, MBL Corona Line, United Home Audio Reel to Reel

Audio Note

Wilson Audio, Shunyata, AMG Turntables, Spiral Groove, Audio Research, Media Cube, Sunny

High Water Sound, Cessaro Horn Speakers, Silver Circle Audio, Silent Running Audio

Phase Technology

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