T.H.E. Show Newport 2013 Vids 1


The World Famous Synergistic Research Demo

Red Wine Audio, Bricasti Design, Harbeth Loudspeakers, GREAT Sound

Audience Audio, OUTSTANDING listening session

Lotus Group, Granada G2 Louspeakers

Lotus Group, Hanss Turntables, Prana Wire, SMc Audio

Durand Tonearm, Durand Record Clamp, Joel Durand

SMc Audio, Steve McCormack, Lotus Group distributor

Gingko Audio, Vibration Control Demonstration, see for yourself

True Audiophile, Aaudio Imports, DEQX, HB Cable Designs

BMC Audio, Hartvig Turntables, Stage III Cables, Tandem Equipment Racks

Sony Loudspeakers, Blue Coast Records

Kimber Kable, Sony Loudspeakers, EMM Labs, Pass Labs

United Home Audio, Gauder Acoustics, Accustic Arts

Legacy Audio

Venture Audio, Weiss Engineering, Precision Audio Video

Basis Audio, Vandersteen, Audio Research, Audioquest

BSG Technologies, BSGT

Channel D, how to rip vinyl, Lynx Studio Technology

Totem Acoustics

J-Corder Tapedecks

DSA Audio, Phono II, VPI Turntables, Audeze Headphones

PTE Audio and WyWires

Dynaudio, T+A Elektroakustik, Vicoustic

Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Gallo Loudspeakers

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