High End 2016 Vids 2

2016 German Brand Award Winner, Audionet with Hartmut Esslinger
Absolare Integrated amplifier, Kronos Ltd Edition, ZYX Universe

Accustic Arts electronics, made in Germany

Acoustic Signature Invictus turntable, Soundsmith

Acoustical Systems Turntable, $300,000+ each

Audio Vector, High End Munich

Cabasse loudspeakers

CH Precision, the worlds finest audio equipment

Dimitris Baklavas, Ypsilon Electronics, new Hyperion amps

Goebel bending wave loudspeakers, Kronos Ltd Edition with PS

I Do Acoustics, Micro Design Collection loudspeakers

IBEX Audio, ViVA, Wilson Beneech, Oracle, EXOGAL, ModWright

Jo Sound loudspeakers, with R M Company that analogs digital

MoFi Electronics introduces turntables and electronics

NAGRA Audio, Kronos Sparta turntable, Wilson Alexia

Pro-ject Audio Systems, turntables

Raidho Acoustics D5.1 speakers, Ansuz cables Aavik

Ryan Speakers, Tempus III, Lampizator, Aurender

Transrotor turntables

Voxativ Loudspeakers, Zeth, Hagen, Pi, 9 87 System, Ampeggio

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