High End 2014 Vids 1


Acoustic Zen, Triode Corp, Kronos Turntable

Atma Sphere, Ralph Karsten, Hornfrabrik, Feickert, Triplanar, Purist Audio Design

Audionet, Audiovector

AURALiC introduces the ARIES, streaming DSD and hi rez digital

BMC Audio, Amps, DACs, speakers, Carlos Candeias

Fone’s Giulio Cesare Ricci, plays jazz in the MBL suite

Grimm Audio, beautiful sound, GTT Audio

Gryphon Audio, private listening session with Flemming Rasmussen

Hornfabrik, Atma Sphere, Tri Planar, Purist Audio Design

EnKlein cables, Kaiser Acoustics, Thrax amplifiers, Jplay

Magico Ultimate 3, with Alon Wolf, $675,000 loudspeakers

Magico Ultimate 3 listening session, $675,000 loudspeakers


Phonosophie, High End Munich, amps, speakers, turntables

Porsche Panamera Burmester Sound System

Raidho loudspeakers, D5, Michael Borresen

Tri Planar tonearms, Purist Audio Design Cables, IPC treatments

Vitus Audio, Hans Ole Vitus

WOD Audio, Kubala Sosna, Rossofiorentino, Thrax, Bergmann, AMR

Ypsilon Phaethon Integrated Amplifier, a world premier

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