High End 2013 Vids 4

Durand tonearms, Estelon speakers, Vitus amplifiers, the most beautiful women in audio

Purist Audio Design, Nagra, Marten Loudspeakers

Living Voice Speakers, the worlds most expensive loudspeakers, Kondo amplifiers

MSB Technology, Eventus Loudspeakers, outstanding listening session

Chord Electronics, Dynaudio Loudspeakers

Air Tight Amplifiers, Axiss Audio

Axiom Tonearm, Acoustical Systems

Diesis Audio Italy

T+A Audio

Thales Tonearm, Thales Turntable

KR Audio Kronzilla, Von Schweikert Audio, Musical Reality

Music First Audio

Vexo HiFi, Vexo amplifiers

Feickert Audio, Dr Feickert Analogue, Firebird Turntable

Montagna Loudspeakers

Kuzma Turntable, Kuzma Tonearm, Franc Kuzma

Acoustic Signature Turntables

Nordost Cables

Goebel Loudspeakers, Stahl Tek, Analog Domain Amplifiers

EnKlein Cables, Kaiser Loudspeakers, Thrax, Leading Edge Equipment Stands

ZenSati Cables, CH Precision, Stella

Amphion Loudspeakers

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