High End 2013 Vids 3

Transrotor Turntables

MBL Loudspeakers

Burmester Audio, Dieter Burmester, outstanding sound

Kharma Audio

Cabasse Loudspeakers, Copland Electronics, Copland Amps

BMC Audio, Carlos Candeias

German Physiks Loudspeakers

Estelon Loudspeakers, Vitus Audio, Purist Audio 25th Anniversary Cables

Gato Audio Denmark

Tune Audio Loudspeakers, bibacord, totaldac, Engstrom Engstrom

Absolue Creations, Soundkaos, Metrome Acoustics, Colotube

Artec France, Metronome Technologie

Leonardo Loudspeakers, Grandinote, Extreme Audio

Audio Power Labs, Stillpoints, Wadax, Fono Acustica

Vacuum Tube Audio Lab, Auris Audio, High End Munich

Trigon Audio Electronics, Conceptas Anstalt

EAR Audio, meet Tim de Paravicini

Markus Thomann, Klangwerk Loudspeakers

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