High End 2018 Vids 1

Audionet Stern, Heisenberg, Planck, Dynaudio Evidence Temptation Platinum, Award Winner

Dynaudio, Highend Munich

Goebel Highend Divin Majestic, Kronos Complete Analogue Solution Turntable, CH Precision

Innuos, Zenmini, ZEN, Zenith, Zenith SE, Zenith Statement, Kii Three BXT

Kharma International, Enigma Veyron Loudspeakers, Veyron Amplifiers, Veyron Cables and Audio Racks

Nagra, New HD DSD DAC, Wilson Alexia 2 Speakers, Kronos Turntable, Modulum Platforms, Kubala Sosna

Octave Audio, Transrotor Tourbillon Turntable, B&W Loudspeakers

Purist Audio Design, Goebel Epoque Aeon Reference, Vitus Audio GIANT AMP

Raidho Acoustics, new TD 4 8 Loudspeaker, Chord Electronics, Nordost Cables, Award Winner

Stein Music Top Line Loudspeakers, Amplifiers, Tonearms, Phono Cartridges

Valve Amplification Company, Von Schweikert, Acoustic Signature Invictus, Masterbuilt Cables, Esoteric

Voxativ Loudspeakers, Voxativ Ampeggio X, 9 87 System, Zeth, Ampeggio Due, Ampeggio Preamp and Amps

Zellaton Loudspeakers, Schnerzinger Cables & Protectors, Reed Turntable, YS Sound, Artesania, DS Audio

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