CES 2013 Vids 3


Series 3- scroll down!           

17 new video reports from some of the most innovative high performance audio companies!

Balanced Audio Technology, BAT

BMC Audio, Pure Line, Carlos Candeias


DeVore Fidelity, John DeVore

Lansche Speakers, Ypsilon Electronics, Bergmann Turntable, Stage III, High Fidelity Cables 2

MBL Corona Line Jurgen Reis CES

Ocean Way Loudspeakers, Allen Sides

Stage 3 Concepts cables, HB Cable Designs

Vertere Reference Tonearm, $35,000

Ypsilon Electronics, Ypsilon Amplifiers, Demetris Backlavas

Acapella Loudspeakers, Einstein Audio

Ayre Amplifiers, Vivid Giya, TAD loudspeakers

Genesis Loudspeakers, $35,000 Vertere Tonearm, Viola Electronics, Air Force One Turntable

Kimber Kable, isoMike, Sony loudpeakers, Pass Labs, EMM Labs, Meitner

King Sound, $12,000 Electrostatic Full Range Loudspeakers

Lawrence Audio, Jeff Rowland Design Group, JRDG

Light Harmonic, Wilson Audio, Dan D’Agostino

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