Capital Audiofest 2015 Vids 2

Audioism, Linear Tube Audio, REL Sub Woofers

Backert Labs, Martin Logan, Marantz, Odyssey, VPI

Caintuck Audio, Flea Watt, Hawthorne Audio

DC Audio DIY, Do It Yourself Audio

DeJa Vu Audio, RM 2, Audio Note, Synthesis

DeJa Vu Audio, Western Electric, RM 1

Dynamic Sound Assiociates, VPI Avenger, Joseph Audio

Emia Audio, Dave Slagal, custom Quad ESL 57s

Fyssion, Artisan Audio

Gingko Audio Cloud technology, Salk Sound

GT Audio Works, Paradox Pulse, VPI

Lyn Stanley in the Sound Insight room

Lyn Stanley sings Love Potion No 9 in the VPI room

Now Listen Here, Totem, Rogue Audio, Music Hall

Resolution Acoustics, the famous room treatment test

Sound Insight, SI300 subwoofer, BG Radia FS 880, Pass Labs XA60

Technics Reference Class R1 Series, Technics Premium Class C700

TVTI, Stillpoints, Purist Audio Design, Tidal

Vinnie Rossi LIO amplifiers, Harbeth, Fidelis AV

Well Pleased Audio Vida, Alta Audio, Clones Audio, Antipodes

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