Capital Audiofest 2014 Vids 1


Core Audio Technology with Hawthrorne loudspeakers

Bricasti Design, The Voice That Is, Tidal loudspeakers, Purist Audio, Stillpoints, Silver Circle

Hawthorne Audio Open Baffle Loudspeakers showing with Core digital amplifiers

High Water Sound, TW Acustic, Horning Eufrodite Ellipse, Zensati, Silver Circle

ifi micro, Avatar Acoustics, CANMANIA


Live Sound Designs, amazing horn loudspeakers, RCA’s

Madison Fielding outdoor loudspeakers, they sound fantastic!

Merrill Audio, Sadurni Acoustics,Staccato speakers

Odyssey Audio, great sound, $2,200 system vs $6,700 system

Purist Audio Design, Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Atma Sphere, Tri Planar tonearm

The Voice That Is, Tidal Agoria speakers, Aurender, Purist Audio Design, Bricasti M1, Stillpoints

United Home Audio, Luxor amplifiers, MBL

VPI turntables, AIX Records, Cuneiform Records, Bob’s Devices

Zu Audio, Sean Casey spins vinyl and introduces us to Moon Duo

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