Axpona 2014 Vids 3

Artisan Fidelity, Garrard 301, Beauty of Sound Ikeda arm, Lakeview and LaHave Audio, David Berning amplifiers

Brown Museum

Esoteric Audio, Cabasse loudspeakers

Focal Stella Utopia, Kubala Sosna, Aesthetix amps and DAC CD

Hanson Audio Video, Magico, Plinius, Octave amps, Clearaudio, Nordost Cable

High Water Sound, Horning loudspeakers, TW Acustic, Electro Print, Tron Electric, Ortofon, Silver Circle

Lampizator, Purity Audio Design, Vapor Audio Derecho speakers, Verastarr

McIntosh Labs amplifiers, blue meters, Martin Logan speakers, Audioquest, AV Interiors Chicago

Merrill Audio, Sadurni Staccato loudspeakers, Horwich master tapes


Nordost Cable Test Frey2 vs Vahalla2

Polymer Audio Research Loudspeakers, FM Acoustics, Thrax Audio, Weiss, Enklein Cables, Krolo Design

Quintessence Audio, Dynaudio, T+A Audio, Simaudio Moon, Clearaudio, Kubala Sosna

Salk Sound, Audio by Van Alstine

Venture Audio, Vici loudspeakers, new amplifiers, great sound

Volti Audio, Volti Alura, Volti Vittora, meet the designer, Greg Roberts

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