AXPONA 2022 Awards & Show Report

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The Acora room was a statement room featuring the Acora SRC2s, VAC Statement 452 iq’s, VAC Statement Phono and Linestage. the source components were the United Home Audio Superdeck and the Lampizator Horizon DAC, Aurender Server. We played an Ed Pong tape featuring violin and piano and over the Lampizator we played Michel Jonasz. The sound was so realistic, perhaps the best system I’ve ever heard.

Audio Note UK:
Audio Note’s Vincent Belanger was showing the entry point AN system. The system had the Cobra integrated/DAC, the AN-E D- Hemp speakers, a TT2 Turntable, the CDT1 transport and the R Zero Phono Stage. Vincent played a track from his new recording and the sound was mesmerizing!

Bending Wave USA
Bending Wave USA featured the Goebel Divin Noblesse with CH Precision electronics with the outstanding Wadax digital front end. We played Dead Can Dance Song of the Stars and the sound was smooth and sophisticated and totally involving.

Fidelity Imports
Fidelity Imports was showing Cyrus electronics with Q Acoustics loudspeakers. The one system had the mighty English Electronics tube amplifier. We played Anne Bisson’s “September in Montreal” and Anne’s voice was in the room with us. You could feel the leaves falling, it was so real.

Gershman Acoustics
The Gershman room featured the Grand Avantgarde speakers, the VAC Master Pre amp/Master amp with the Lampizator Big 7 MK11 and the Gulfstream music server. We played Dead Can Dance’s “The Wind That Shakes the Barley”. My gosh, such a huge sound from a smaller format speaker. If you closed your eyes, you would think you were in a giant ballroom!

GTT Audio & Video
GTT Audio featured the new Summit loudspeaker from the new Peak series. This was the world show premier of the Kronos Discovery tonearm! Amplification by Audionet Humboldt, cables by Kubala-Sosna. We play MA recordings Sera Una Noche Nublado and cymbals and the bass sax were in the room with us. A spectacular system!

Infigo Audio
Infigo Audio featured the Model 3 Monoblocks, with the Model 4 DAC. The Alta Audio Adam speakers again stole the show with tremendous bass and holographic imaging. We played Leonard Cohen’s, By the Rivers Dark and the staging was concert level, with you are there sonics.

Innuos was showing the Statement Next Gen and we A/B’d to the original Statement. The speakers were the YG Vantage Live (active). We played Michel Jonasz on both servers. You can here the difference right away! This was a great sounding room with holographic imaging.

Legacy Audio
Bill Dudleston of Legacy Audio played the active Aeris Loudspeakers and the magnificent Valor speakers! We played Buddy Guy’s “Ain’t no Sunshine When She’s Gone” with Tracy Chapman. I heard extraordinary pin-point imaging and detail, a wonderful system!

Next Level HiFi
Next Level HiFi featured the Borresen 02 Supremes, the new Aavik 280 electronics with Ansuz DTC Supreme cables. We played Anette Askvik’s Liberty and the sound was holographic, when the sax came in, it took your breath away.

The Nordost room featured Stenheim Reference Ultime Two loudspeakers with VTL electronics, WADAX digital and a VPI HW 40 turntable. We played Chasing the Dragon’s Espana “Carmen” suite and the mezzo soprano was hauntingly real!

Synergistic Research
Ted Denny of Synergistic Research was showcasing the new Galileo Discovery cables and demonstrating the active Tranquility rack system. We did an A/B with UEF technology turned on and off. The differences were stunning!

T=A HiFi
T+A featured several systems. We played the brand new 200 Series system and played Kraftwerk’s “The Robots” and the sound was holographic and ultra inviting. A wonderful system!

In the TAD room we listened to the Micro Evolution One loudspeakers. The system features the TAD DD1000 TX DAC, the TAD M1000 TX amp, Wolf Audio Streamer and Synergistic Research cables and Galileo SX. We played Leonard Cohen’s “In My Secret Life” and the sound was ultra real and sophisticated!

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