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THRAX Audio Company Showcase

Thrax Lyra and Basus Speakers, Thrax Ares, EnKlein Cables, Dohmann Helix Turntable, Schröder Tonearm

Thrax Reference Review

Thrax Enyo Review

THRAX Audio, Helena II Speakers, RMAF

Thrax Audio, EnKlein, Seismographic, Zonotone, Schroder, Troy Audio Hellena II, Munich Highend

THRAX Audio, Troy Audio Hellena II, Great Plains Audio, EnKlein, High End Munich 2019

Thrax Audio, Troy Audio, Great Plains Audio, Achilles Loudspeakers, Altec Lansing, Synergistic Research

Thrax Audio, Lyra with Basus, new amps, Dohmann Helix 2, Schröder, EnKlein, High End Munich

Thrax Audio, EnKlein, Dohmann Helix, Schröder, Gold Show Winner RMAF 2016

Thrax Audio, EnKlein, Dohmann Helix, Schröder, Lyra, THE Show Newport 2016

Thrax Audio, EnKlein, Dohmann Helix, Schröder, High End Munich

Thrax Audio, Rumen Artarski, The Dohmann Turntable, EnKlein cables, Schröder tonearms, Stillpoints

Thrax Audio, The Dohmann Turntable, EnKlein cables, Schröder tonearms, RMAF

High End By OZ Company Showcase

Thrax Audio Reference Separates

Thrax Enyo Amplifier

High End by OZ, Vitus Audio SIA 030, United Home Audio, RMAF 2019

High End by OZ, Vitus Amplifier and DAC, Ansuz Acoustics, RMAF

Vitus Audio SIA 030 Integrated Amplifier, Rockport Avior Loudspeakers, Thrax Turntable, Schroder

High End by OZ, Vitus Amplifiers, Ansuz Cables

High End by OZ, Ansuz Acoustics Cable test! Aavik U 150, Vitus Audio, RMAF 2017

High End by Oz, The Wizard of Sound, Aavik, Ansuz, Vitus from Denmark LAAS 2017

GTT Company Tour

GTT Audio Video Company Tour, Mola Mola Kula Integrated Amplifier, Kronos Sparta Turntable, Von Schweikert

GTT Audio Video 2020, What’s New Pt. 4, PMC Fenestria Loudspeakers, Kronos, Audionet, Kubala Sosna

GTT Audio Video 2020 What’s New Pt. 3, Klipsch La Scala, Cornwall, Heresy, Klipschorn Speakers

GTT Audio Video 2019, What’s New Pt. 2, Audionet Humboldt, YG, Kronos Sparta, Kubala Sosna

GTT Audio Video 2019, What’s New Pt. 1, Kronos Rack System, Audionet, YG Sonia, Kubala Sosna

GTT Audio and Video, Audionet in the News! Products of the Year!

GTT Audio and Video, The Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC and Outstanding Listening Session

GTT Audio and Video, The Kronos Analogue Solution Listening Session, Kronos Pro with SCPS, Phono Stage

Audionet WATT Integrated Amplifier Equipment Review, GTT Audio and Video

GTT Audio and Video, The Audionet Heisenberg and Stern ultimate amplifiers, & listening session!

GTT Audio and Video Company Tour, what’s new? The changing showrooms!

GTT Company Tour, Newest! Sonja XVs

GTT Company Tour, Newest! Let’s meet Mola-Mola’s fantastic products

GTT Audio and Video, Audionet PAM G2 Phono Stage and power supply options, w Reviewers View

GTT Company Tour, pt.1, let’s begin the tour with studio 1, YG Hailey, Audionet, Mola Mola, Kronos, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 2, let’s tour the big room, YG Sonja, Audionet, Soulution, Kronos, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 3, let’s listen to the big system, YG Sonja, Audionet, Kronos, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 4, what others say about GTT Audio & Video, Expertise, Friendship and Trust

GTT Company Tour, pt. 5, let’s visit Studio 4, Vivid, Audionet, Soulution, Luxman, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 6, let’s visit Studio 5, YG Acoustics, Auralic, McIntosh, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 7, let’s tour the desktop studio, Fujitsu Ten Eclipse, McIntosh McAire

GTT Company Tour, pt.8, let’s meet Bill Parish

Robyatt Audio Company Showcase

Robyatt Audio Tour Pt. 2, World’s best turntable, EMT 927st, Art Dudley’s Tonearm, Klipsch Lascalas

Robyatt Audio Tektron Featured Amplifier meets the Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini

Robyatt Audio Company Tour Pt. 1, The Studio, featuring Klipschorn AK6s, Tektron, Miyajima Labs

Robyatt Audio, Electrostatic Solutions, Butler, Miyajima, Schroder, VPI, CU 180 Mat, Finley Audio

Robyatt Audio, Electrostatic Solutions Quad 57, BK Butler Amps, Miyajima Labs, Schroder, Technics

Robyatt Audio, Electrostatic Solutions, DNM Design Amplifiers, Wax Rax, Capital Audiofest

Robyatt Audio, Tektron Italia, OMA, Sound Carrier, Miyajima Labs, Analysis Plus, Mono vs Stereo

Robyatt Audio, Quad 57 Electrostatic Solutions, Miyajima, VPI

Robyatt Audio, Electrostatic Solutions, Garrard 401, Schroeder, Miyajima, DNM amps, THE Show Newport

Robyatt Audio, VPI, Miyajima, Wells Audio, DSA, TAD, Kanso, Silver Circle

Robyatt Audio, VPI Prime turntable, DSA Phonostage, Funk Audio, Jorgo Metalworks

Robyatt Audio Tubes vs. Solid State, pt. 1, Miyajima, VPI Classic Direct, DNM amps, Electrostatic Solutions

Robyatt Audio Tubes vs. Solid State, pt. 2, Miyajima, Zontek turntable, Electrostatic Solutions

Robyatt Audio, Electrostatic Solutions, TW Acoustic, Miyajima Labs, Tel Wire

Robyatt Audio, MONO vs STEREO demo

Acora Acoustics Showcase

Acora Acoustics SRC-2 Loudspeaker Review

Acora Acoustics, What’s New for 2020, AVShowrooms Intro Series!

Acora Acoustics, Why Do They Use Granite, AVShowrooms Tech Series!

ACORA SRB Loudspeakers, VAC Sigma 170I Integrated amp with Phono Stage, Esoteric, Transrotor

Acora Acoustics SRC 1 Loudspeakers, VAC IQ 450i Signatures, Transrotor, Esoteric, Cardas

Acora Acoustics SRC 1 Loudspeakers, Esoteric, Audio Research Referrence 750, TW Acustic

Acora Loudspeakers, SRC 2, SRB Bookshelf Loudspeakers, Esoteric Electronics, Cardas, Audio Research

Florida Audio Expo Vids Series 1

Acora Acoustics SRC 1 Loudspeakers, VAC IQ 450i Signatures, Transrotor, Esoteric, Cardas

Endow Audio, T35 Point Array Technology Loudspeaker, Outstanding Sound

Highend by OZ, United Home Audio, Audio Solutions Speakers, Vitus Amplifier, Synergistic Research

High Fidelity Cables, Bafflex Loudspeakers, Professional Elite Power Cords, MA 70 Mono Amps

House of Stereo, Audio Shield, Wolf Audio Systems, EMM Labs, Credo Audio, VPI, Van den Hul

ModWright Intruments, PH9 0 Phono Stage, KWH 225i amp, EgglestonWorks, VPI, Stillpoints, Wolf Server

Pure Audio Project Quintet 15, Quintet 10, Open Baffle Speakers, VPI, Pass Labs, Luminous Arion

Raven Audio Celeste Speakers, Corvus Reference Towers, Night Hawk, Black Hawk, Silhouette MK amps

Spatial Audio, Linear Tube Audio, LTA, Lampizator, Anti Cables

Synergistic Research Introduces MIG SX Footers, Listening Sesssion Demos, UEF Record Weight

VAC, Daedalus, Lampizator, Wywires, Great Sounding Room

Florida Audio Expo 2020 Awards & Show Report

Reviewers View, Florida Audio Expo 2020, AVShowrooms Show Highlights

Acora Acoustics:
Exhibiting with the SRC-1 loudspeaker driven by the VAC Statement 450 iQ monoblocks, Val Cora walks us through his very impressive system for the AVShowrooms’ video. We played a track called “Earth Drums” on the digital front end to prove what a speaker made from granite can do. The sound was detailed with lightning-fast transient response and perfect bass integration. Associated equipment included a Transrotor turntable and a VAC Master Preamp with phonostage. Cables by Cardas.

Black Ice/Jolida:
Jerred Dunkerson walks us through the system and introduces a groundbreaking product designed by Jim Fosgate, the Fusion F360 preamplifier. In the AVShowrooms’ video Jerred performs an A/B test and first we hear Anette Askvik’s track, “Liberty” without any EQ. The exhibit room had no treatment and a good deal of slap-echo was apparent. Next, we played the identical track with the EQ and there was no echo. The soundstage opened up with improved bass integration and live-sounding tonality.

Classic Audio, Purist Audio Design:
John Wolff gives us a room walk-around naming the components including the Classic Audio T3 loudspeakers. Also, something new from Purist Audio Design, Jim Aud talks about the Corvus Diamond A/C chord connected to the preamplifier and the Corvus Diamond balanced cable for the reel to reel. We debuted “Killing me Softly” from Anne Bisson’s latest album “Keys to my Heart” on LP. The system delivered a huge soundstage with detailed and delicate vocals along with excellent tone. No shout, whatsoever. Amplification by Atma-Sphere.

Daedalus, Lampizator and Wywires:
There is no doubt that this trio makes beautiful music together, but joining forces with the VAC (Valve Amplification Company) Statement 450i IQ integrated amplifier is a game changer. This room had everything. Atmosphere, unrivaled reverb, dynamics and pinpoint imaging. Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard’s voice filled the room when playing the track “The Wind that Shakes the Barley”.

High End by Oz, United Home Audio:
Ozan Turan, proprietor, debuts the new Audio Solutions Virtuoso S loudspeakers. The associated equipment included United Home Audio’s Ultima 4 tape deck with the proprietary tape head, Vitus Audio electronics and Synergistic Research cabling. The system delivered atmospheric information from the track “The Carnival is Over” from Dead can Dance’s “Into the Labyrinth” encompassing the room. The sound was rich and vivid with standout imaging.

High Fidelity Cables:
Playing “Robots” from Kraftwerk is always exciting, but listening to it on the High Fidelity Cables system at the Florida Audio Expo 2020 was extraordinary. The system delivered phenomenal imaging with major impact. Holographic, atmospheric and nothing less than mind-blowing.

House of Stereo:
Joe Parvey, proprietor of House of Stereo and Wolf Audio Systems, joins forces with John McGurk of Audioshield introducing stellar new audio equipment to AVShowrooms’ viewers and show attendees.
Most impressive was the new Wolf Audio Systems new server, the Alpha 3SX. Joe gives us a full description of how the server works and its extensive technology. Another great discovery was the Credo 3-way loudspeaker from Switzerland. We streamed Anette Askvik’s track “Liberty” and the sound delivered was atmospheric, dead quiet without any digital artifacts, and with brilliant tone. The best I’ve heard this recording, anywhere, ever. A great sounding room; one to be coveted. Included in the room were the EMMLabs electronics, VPI turntable with a van den Hul cartridge and van den Hul cabling.

Legacy Audio:
Bill Dudleston, proprietor of Legacy Audio, talks all about his latest technology in the new i.V7 amplifier and explains the advantages of the Wavelet processor. We played the track “Robots” from the Kraftwerk CD on the Aeris loudspeakers and were treated to perfect bass impact and incredible imaging and spatiality.

Spatial Audio, Linear Tube Audio:
Hands down, one of the best sounding exhibit rooms at the Florida Audio Expo 2020. Clayton Shaw introduces his new 2 ½ way, open baffle loudspeaker, the M3 Sapphire. The Loudspeakers were driven by LTA’s (Linear Tube Audio) new Z10 integrated tube amplifier. What a great combination. The track we played was “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Tracy Chapman and Buddy Guy and the sound was explosive, detailed yet warm with lots of punch. Overall, musical believably as if in the best seat at a concert. Associated equipment included Lampizator and Anticables, cabling.

Synergistic Research:
Ted Denney, Proprietor, struts his stuff with another successful A/B test. This time with his new MiG SX footers for beneath your audio components employing UEF technology and more as you’ll see on the AVShowrooms’ video. We played the track “Song of the Stars” from Dead Can Dance. There was no doubt that with footers in place the sound stage opened up, imaging and layering were quite apparent and the detail and musicality were in full bloom. And, viewers, check out the new UEF record weight.

VAC/Von Schweikert – The Audio Company:
What a treat to listen in this room to Michel Jonasz on CD. The system delivered mind-blowing dynamics and pinpoint, holographic imaging. Included in the room were the Von Schweikert Ultra-11 loudspeakers, Valve Amplification Company’s (VAC) 452 iQ monoblocks, the Critical Mass top-of-the-line Olympus V-12 rack and Maxxum stand, Masterbuilt Ultra cables, Kronos turntable with the Black Beauty tonearm and Aurender and Esoteric electronics. The sound was concert-like with amazing dynamic range and impact.

NY Audio Show 2019 Awards & Videos

Audio Note CD 4 1X, TT3 Turntable, S8 SUT, Jinro Amplifier, AN E Lexus Signature Speakers

ESD Acoustics Dragon Series Horn Loudspeaker System, United Home Audio Tape Deck

ESD Acoustics Panda and Crane Series Loudspeaker Systems and Amplifiers, United Home Audio Tape Deck

Haniwa Audio, HSP01 Single Driver Speakers, CL Phono Cartridge, HDSA01 Integrated Digital Amplifier

Laufer Teknik, Porzilli Note Loudspeakers, SVS 4000 Subwoofer, Absolare, Memory Player

Luxman, Triangle, Magellan Quatro Speakers, MQ 88MC Stereo Tube amplifier, PD171A Turntable

Onkk Cue DD Turntable, Martin Logan Expressions, Music First Linestage, Merrill Audio Amps

Pure Audio Project Open Baffle Speakers, Pass Labs Amplifiers, VPI

Robyatt Audio, New Rogers LS3 5A, The Story of This Legendary Loudspeaker, Mytek Digital Brooklyn

Sound by Singer, Harbeth Loudspeakers, Einstein Amplifiers, Acoustic Signature Turntable

Technics, SPG 90 Speakers, SLG700 K DAC and Server, SUG700 Amplifier, 1210GR Turntable

Well Pleased Audio Vida, Vinnie Rossi L2i SE Integrated Amplifier, QLN Prestige Three, Innuos

Woodbridge Stereo, Martin Logan Neolith, Mark Levi0c1qwbnEokcnson Amplifiers, VPI Vanquish

Capital Audiofest 2019 Vids 3

Classic Audio Loudspeakers, T3 listening session, Purist Audio Design, Tri Planar, Atma Sphere

Gingko Audio, PS2 DAC, Dana Cables, Clarissa LE Loudspeakers, Gingko Arches

GT Audio Works, Sound Insight, Pass Labs, Triode Wire Labs, Basis Audio, Mosart Audio Cabinet

Odyssey Audio, Stratos Monoblocks, Magnan Cables, VPI Turntable, Soundstage Experts

Tekton Design Moab Loudspeakers, Exogal Audio, McGary Audio Tube Amplifier, Anti Cables

Triangle Australe Speakers, Tsakiridis Amplifiers, Soulines

VPI Vanquish Turntable, Krell Amplifiers, Kef Muon Speakers, Nordest Odin Cables, Capital Audiofest

Capital Audiofest 2019 Vids 2

Audio Thesis, High Fidelity Cables Reveal Series, Rosso Fiorentino Loudspeakers, Norma DS1

Black Ice Audio, Foz Aries Headphone Amplifier, The Best Headphone Amp I’ve Ever Heard!

Endeavor Special Edition Loudspeakers, ESE Speakers, Von Schweikert Audio

Jolida, Black Ice Audio, Fusion F360 Preamp, Fosgate Aries DAC, F159 Phono Stage, Vienna Acoustics

Legacy Audio iV7 amplifier, Now Listen Here, Rogue Audio Sphinx V3, Audience Cables

Modwright Labs AI 325 Integrated Amp, PH 9 0 Phono Stage, Fern and Roby Raven

Overture Audio, Magico M2 Speakers, Technics SL 1000, Esoteric Grandioso Electronics

Refined Audio, Cube Audio Mini Nenuphar, TW Acustic, EMIA Amplifiers

Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire Loudspeakers, Linear Tube Audio, Innuos , Lampizator, Audience, AntiCables

Wolf Audio Alpha 3 SX Server, Tenacious Sound, EgglestonWorks Nico, VPI, Audience Cables