High End 2015 Vids 1

Absolare amplifiers, electronics, turntables, Rockport Avior

Audia Flight, VTL, Music Tools, Signal Projects

Audionet, The famous DSP Demo, Thomas Gessler, with Thixar, Scheu Analog

AURALiC, what’s new by co founder, Xuanqian Wang, 2015 pt. 1

AURALiC, what’s new by co founder, Xuanqian Wang, 2015 pt. 2- ARIES MINI Intro

Avantgarde Acoustic, Holger Fromme

AVM Audio, new components, amplifiers, streamers, DACs, by Udo Besser

Einstein amplifiers, TechDAS AF1, Blumenhofer Acoustics, Cammino Cables and Harmonizers

EnKlein Cables, Thrax electronics and loudspeakers, world premiere The Döhmann turntable

Gryphon Audio, The Diablo 300 Integrated Amplifier, Flemming Rasmussen

JR Audio turntables, My Sound amplifiers, Auto Tech Horn Loudspeakers

Klimo turntables, TAFELRUNDE, MUSIKALITÄT, Klimo electronics, Indiana Line speakers

Kronos Sparta .5, Kaiser Kawero, Bibacord, Lars Engström and Engström, TotalDAC

Kyron Audio, High End Munich 2015

Lyn Stanley, Purist Audio Design, Classic Audio loudspeakers, Tri Planar, Atma Sphere

Merging Technologies, NADAC Network Attached Digital Analogue Converter, Intro Chris Hollebone

Metronome Technologe, Focus Audio speakers, Foundation Audio

ModWright, Skogrand, VPI, Tune Audio

Soulution 701, Critical Mass Systems, Magico Q7 MK II, Vovox

TechDAS Air Force 3, Air Force III, Vivid, CH Precision

The Bespoke Audio Co

Triangle Art, Venture Audio

Viola Audio Labs, Ocean Way Sausalito, Kronos Ltd Edition, Artesania, ZenSati

Voxativ, listening session and meet the designer, new LF extender

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