High End 2014 Vids 3

Acoustic Solid Turntables, RESTEK electronics

Avantgarde Acoustic

AVM Udo Besser, Gauder Akustik, Dr Roland Gauder

Blumenhofer Acoustics, Allnic Audio, Pluto Audio Turntable

Burmester Audio

CH Precision, Vivid, TechDAS, Air Force One turntable

Crystal Cable Arabesque Minissimo loudspeaker

DALI Loudspeakers, The DALI Rubicon series

DarTZeel, Marten Coltrane Supreme 2, SMT, Jorma Design

Devialet music systems


Fischer and Fischer audio, Mudra Akustik

J Sound, Voxativ drivers, Arte Forms amps, AMR, Fonica

Lansche loudspeakers, Mola Mola amplifiers

Living Voice, Vox Olympian Elysian, Audio Note Japan Kondo

McIntosh amplifiers, Blue Meters

Naim MUSO, wireless music system, Focal loudspeakers

Nordost Cable

Thales Audio, turntables, tonearms, cables

The First Western Electric Loudspeakers, and Silbatone

TIDAL Audio, loudspeakers, amplifiers

Transrotor Turntables, Plattenspieler, Goldring phono cartridges

WBS Acoustics, Amati amps, Franco Serblin, Sugden, ProAc

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