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GTT Company Tour

GTT Company Tour, Newest! Sonja XVs

GTT Company Tour, Newest! Let’s meet Mola-Mola’s fantastic products

GTT Audio and Video, Audionet PAM G2 Phono Stage and power supply options, w Reviewers View

GTT Company Tour, pt.1, let’s begin the tour with studio 1, YG Hailey, Audionet, Mola Mola, Kronos, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 2, let’s tour the big room, YG Sonja, Audionet, Soulution, Kronos, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 3, let’s listen to the big system, YG Sonja, Audionet, Kronos, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 4, what others say about GTT Audio & Video, Expertise, Friendship and Trust

GTT Company Tour, pt. 5, let’s visit Studio 4, Vivid, Audionet, Soulution, Luxman, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 6, let’s visit Studio 5, YG Acoustics, Auralic, McIntosh, Kubala-Sosna

GTT Company Tour, pt. 7, let’s tour the desktop studio, Fujitsu Ten Eclipse, McIntosh McAire

GTT Company Tour, pt.8, let’s meet Bill Parish

High Fidelity Cables Showcase

High Fidelity Cables, Rick Schultz, amazing demonstration of magnetics

High Fidelity Cables, Rick Schultz, pt. 2, continuing the amazing demonstration of magnetics

High Fidelity Cables, Rick Schultz, Pt. 3, Trinity for headphones, Reveal Cables, and more…

High Fidelity Cables, Rick Schultz, Pt. 4, Reveal lower priced designs, Gold Show Winner

High Fidelity Cables, Rick Schultz, Pt. 5, Pro Series Elite, Luminance Audio

Synergistic Research

Peter Breuninger Reviews The Power Cell 12 SE, Atmosphere cables and more!

Ted Denney, Synergistic Research Pt. 1, Atmosphere XL, Black Box, UEFs at Peter Breuninger’s

Ted Denney, Synergistic Research Pt. 2, Atmosphere XL, Black Box, UEF Panels at Bob Grossman’s

Synergistic Research Atmosphere

Synergistic Research Atmosphere, pt. 2, how it works, behind the scenes

Synergistic Research ECT Install and Listening Observations

Synergistic Research HFT, FEQ Install 1

Synergistic Research HFT, FEQ Install 2

ModWright Instruments Showcase

ModWright Instruments, Daedalus Audio, WyWires, Gold Show Winner

ModWright Ambrose A30s, Daedalus Athena, Audio Vault, WyWires

Modwright, Egglestonworks, Massif Audio Design, Triangle Art

ModWright Instruments, Daedalus Ulysses V 2, Purity Audio Design, Dynamic Design cables

ModWright Audio, Dan Wright introduces the SET 845, with Daedalus speakers

ModWright Ambrose SET amp introduction, Daedalus, WyWires

ModWright, Daedalus Audio, WyWires, VPI

Modwright, TAD, Townshend, Stillpoints, Dynamic Design

ModWright, Daedalus Audio, WyWires

World’s Greatest Audio Systems

This is one of the world’s greatest systems. It’s based on the Sonja XV Loudspeakers from YG Acoustics. It is the GTT Audio and Video “big room”. The electronics are by Audionet from Germany, the turntable is the Kronos Ltd. Edition Pro, with Black Beauty Arm, all wiring is Kubula-Sosna “Elation” level. The scale of music reproduction is as real as live music, it is simply spectacular!

This is one of the world’s greatest systems. It’s based on MBL loudspeakers from Germany and features Shun Mook devices plus the world class United Home Audio Reel to Reel tape decks. The sound is holographic. It is the UHA reference system!

This is the most exotic system I’ve ever seen or heard.   It’s an open baffle speaker with exotic tube amps and a very unique turntable.  The sound is to die for.  It’s the “Beauty of Sound” reference system!

Audio enthusiast and Grateful Dead lover Chris aka “Rockitman” gives us a tour of one the best Wilson audio systems in the country! The eye and ear candy is off the charts!

Super audio lover Bobby and his one-of-a-kind room and reference system. Please check out the tuning devices on the walls and the musical instruments.  Another million dollar system!

Equipment reviewer, Mike Malinowski’s extraordinary system is captured on video.  Mike built the house around the audio room, it is indeed a multi-million dollar system!

Philadelphia Area Audio Group member, Ilia’s outstanding system.  Notice how he has separated the room “sonically” from the rest of the house. It’s an outstanding setup.

Emerald Physics Tour

Emerald Physics Company Tour, pt. 1, lets begin the tour

Emerald Physics Company Tour, pt. 2, building the loudspeakers

Company Tour, pt. 3 , the crossover and voicing of the EP-X loudspeaker

Emerald Physics Company Tour, pt. 4, desktop loudspeakers, desktop audio

Emerald Physics Company Tour, pt. 5, power cords and conditioners

Emerald Physics Company Tour, pt. 6 , stands and equipment racks

Emerald Physics Company Tour, pt. 7, listening session $6,600 system, tour conclusion

CES 2017 Vids 1


Acoustic Zen and Questyle, Robert Lee, Bruce Ball, beautiful sound

AURIS, fantastic looking and sounding audio equipment

GTT Audio, The YG Acoustics, Audionet Room

Kharma Enigma Veyron EV2 , Lamm Industries, Room 1

Kharma Exquisite Midi Grand loudspeakers, Lamm Industries, Room 2

NAGRA Classic and HD Line and Wilson Audio Alexx with Kronos

NAGRA Classic Line, YG Acoustics, Modulum Racks, Tara Labs

Raidho D 4. 1 loudspeakers, Aavik amplifer, Ansuz Acoustics Cables

Scansonic MB5 loudspeakers, Ansuz Acoustics Cables, Aavik amplifiers

Stillpoints and Telos Audio Design, noise reduction

Triangle Art Reference amplifiers and Refernce SE Turntable and Eggleston Works


YG Acoustics Co. Tours from GTT Audio

Introducing the Sonja Loudspeaker, the biggest Launch Ever!

Introducing the Hailey Loudspeaker, the Launch!

Welcome to the YG Acoustics Factory- Dick Diamond

The Wire Inside a YG Acoustics Loudspeaker

The YG Acoustics Factory Tour- Introducing Yoav Geva

YG Winds Their Own Coils

The Amazing Gildemeister Machine pt. 1

The Gildemeister at Work

Testing a YG Loudspeaker- the Proper Way

They Machine Their Own Circuit Boards- Yoav Geva

Dick Diamond- Inside the Kipod II

The YG Cones- Made in House, Amazing Manufacturing

Polishing the Panels and the Finale of the Tour

Aaudio imports Company Tour

The Tour Begins

Wilson Benesch Joins Aaudio Imports

New products from Audio Imports

Three State-of-the-art Listening Studios:Listening Studio Number One

Listening Studio Number Two

Listening Studio Number Three

Ypsilon Electronics

Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimate

Ypsilon Aelius Amplifier

Ypsilon PST 100 MKII

Ypsilon DAC 100 Stereo Valve DtoA Converter

Ypsilon CDT 100 CD Transport, CD Player

Ypsilon VPS 100 Phono Stage

HB Cable Designs

Power Distribution Systems:HB Cable Design PowerStar Horizon

HB Cable Design PowerSlave Acrylic

HB Cable Design PowerSlave Marble

2016 Annual Gold Awards

The 2016 Award Winners!Audiophile of the Year!


2016 Gold AwardsParadigm changing products of the year&Audiophile of the year!________2015 Awards2014 Awards2013 Awards2012 Awards________

Once again, I am pleased to announce AVShowrooms’ products of the year.  We’ve had a very fulfilling year evaluating fine audio equipment and it does not cease to amaze me how so many new products have enhanced our listening sessions.  So much talent, passion and love for their creations, the designers are artists, engineers and innovators, brave with their challenges and thoughtful to those of us who want to listen and be moved by our music in our homes.

Products of the Year 2016!

Audio Note Analogue:

Audio Note’s most prestigious, top-of-the line analogue front end is offered to those who demand only the very best.  The system consists of the TT-III Reference Turntable, M9-RIAA phonostage,  AN-S9 step-up transformer, IO Gold cartridge.  Deep, holographic sound, the Audio Note analogue put Leonard Cohen in the middle of our listening room.  A profoundly visceral and tactile experience.  Reproduction of music at its finest.

Kronos SCPS-1:

Chief Designer, Louis Desjardins continuously strives to improve upon the sound of the Kronos TT’s and he succeeds.  The new power supply, SCPS-1, not only considerably lowers the noise floor it delivers a bigger soundstage, more depth of sound and a new level of refined detail.  A wonderful addition for the proud owner of the Kronos Ltd. Edition turntable.

Nola Brio Trio and Brio Quatro:

I bought the Quatro’s; the loudspeakers with the two subwoofers.  These little six pound speakers fill the entire room with enormous sound and play every music genre with pinpoint imaging no matter where you sit or stand in the room.  The open-baffle airiness makes my listening a very emotional experience and the tightness and integration of the bass astounds me.  Everything is in its right place.  Instruments are separated and vocals are as clear as a bell.  What more can I say about these little gems except you need to listen for yourself!

Triangle Art:

Tom Vu of Triangle art now produces a line of tube electronics exhibiting his art as a designer.  It’s a tremendous feat to deliver the new Triangle Art Reference amplifiers (monoblocks), line stage and power supply and phone stage and power supply with all the detail, warmth, and organic sound we want from tubes, without any of the distortion or noise.  160 watts per channel, they are perfect on my Brio Quatro’s and I’m pleasantly surprised as to how they drive the Raidho D-4.1’s. Triangle Art Reference electronics are revealing , quiet and super refined.

Tube Guru Tube Man Phono Line stage:

The exotic Tube Guru is another AVShowrooms’ purchase and it pairs beautifully with the Kronos Ltd Edition TT.  The sound is holographic and quiet with extremely good bass. The Guru can compete with any tube phono stage I’ve heard at this price range.  If you value holographic imaging, accurate tone and deep bass, this is a winner!

Loudspeaker of the year!

Raidho D-4.1:

Very dynamic, the D-4.1’s energize our room.  With a tight and punchy base and the designer’s tweeter/midrange integration, these loudspeakers deliver a super involving, revealing and exciting sound.  They make music come to life in all three dimensions and totally involve you in the music.  They simply “energize” the room with sound that is both refined and realistic.  These are speakers for a lifetime.

Audiophile of the Year 2016!

The team at AVShowrooms is proud to announce  Jay B. Lawrence of Long Island, N.Y. as Audiophile of the Year 2016.  Jay is a lifelong audiophile and founder of the “High End Audio Society of Long Island” with five separate audio systems in his home!  Jay promotes and supports the high-performance audio industry with his FB pages and regular club meetings.  Jay is passionate and supportive of the industry, the leading attributes of AVShowrooms  Audiophile of the Year!

Terry Eringi-BreuningerExecutive Producer  www.avshowrooms.com610-644-7442

Kronos Ltd. Edition

Kronos Ltd. Edition turntable and SCPS 1, the best turntable in the world

Kronos Ltd Edition turntable review, pt. 1, introduction and overview

Kronos Ltd Edition turntable review, pt. 2, listening session and comments

Kronos Ltd. Edition turntable review, pt. 3, reviewer conclusions and comparisons

NY Audio Show 2016 vids 1

Adirondack Audio & Video, Triangle loudspeakers, HEGEL, Soulines Turntable, Nordost

Air Tight, Soulution, Accuphase, Critical Mass, Axiss Audio

Audio Note

Care Audio, ATC loudspeakers, Prism Sound, Oriton Audio, Resolution Acoustics, WyWires

Care Audio, Prism Sound Callia, Oriton Audio, Melco N1A, WyWires

GamuT Audio RS3 loudspeakers, Pear Audio Blue, Stillpoints

Gingko Audio, Dana Cables

Kii THREE loudpeakers, Award Winning Room

GTT Audio, YG Acoustics, Mola Mola, Kubala Sosna

Music First Audio, Jonathan Billington

ROBYATT Audio, Tektron Italia, OMA, Sound Carrier, Miyajima Labs, Analysis Plus

Sadurni Acoustics Miracoli, Audience AV Cables, Wolf Audio, Veracity, Linear Tube Audio

RMAF 2016 Vids Series 1

Audio Union, Thrax, EnKlein, Dohmann Helix, Schröder

Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Atma Sphere, Purist Audio, Tri Planar, UHA OPS DC,

GamuT and Pear Audio Blue, Gold Show Winner

High Fidelity Cables, Rick Schultz, The Trinity for headphones

Jeff Rowland Design Group, with Joseph Audio and Cardas

NAGRA, Classic System, Kronos, Kubala Sosna, Avalon

Raidho D4.1, Aavik amplifier, Ansuz cables, NAGRA as transport

Raven Audio, Dave Thomson, Legacy Audio’s favorite electronic

Ryan Speakers and Cardas Cables

Skogrand, Von Schweikert Endeavor, VAC, Stillpoints

Synergistic Research new Galileo Cables plus Power Cell 12

Synergistic Research Product lineup shown by Scott Walker

Voxativ loudspeakers and amplifiers, Fern and Roby

Worlds greatest source component, United Home Audio reel to reel


RMAF 2016 Vids Series 2

Aaudio Imports, Wilson Benesch, Torus Generator, Ypsilon, Thales, Wilson Benesch, Finite Elemente!

Acoustic Zen loudspeakers, Voss Audio, Aesthetix

Alta Audio Rhea speakers, Clones Audio, Aqua La Scala Optologic DAC

Audio Skies, GamuT, Pear Audio Blue, Larsen loudspeakers

Audio Tekne, Natural Sound

Austin Acoustic, loudspeakers and electronics

Bricasti, Brian Zolner introduces the new Bricasti M15 Stereo Amplifier

Gingko Audio, Dana Cable, Head Space headphone amplifier

Kervo International, Monitor Audio, Pass Labs, Cyrus Audio, Massif

Linear Tube Audio, ZOTL40, Wolf Audio Systems, Evoke loudspeakers

Ono Audio, Compact Open Baffle Speakers, Imaging Specialists

Resonessence Labs, Clarity Cables emilai inc

Vos Loudspeakers, Precision Sound Array, $135,000, 4 Towers

Wavelength amplifiers, VAC and Vaughn Audio loudspeakers

Whetstone Audio, Thoress Audio, Sperling Analog, Fuuga Miyabi MC

Zesto Audio, WyWires, Stillpoints, Marten, Tri Planar, Reference Analog