YG Acoustics Sonja Loudspeaker Review, part 1- about the speaker

YG Acoustics Sonja Loudspeaker Review, part 2- listening and observations

YG Acoustics Sonja Loudspeaker Review, part 3- reviewer conclusions



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Sonja 1.3

Sonja 1.2

Sonja 1.1

Sonja 1C
$20,400 per unit


The YG Acoustics Sonja 1.3 loudspeaker is one the finest loudspeakers available today.   It builds upon the signature of the Anat with added three dimensionality and a higher degree of coherency.
It is a very detailed transducer and demands the finest in associated equipment.  When properly set up the Sonja 1.3 is a virtual image “generator”.  It reproduces exactly what is fed into it.  If the recording engineer layered the mix with multiple instruments and voices this will be identically reproduced in your listening room.  

The tone of instruments and voices is also “spot on”.  I attribute this to the speaker’s exceptional coherency. 

When you combine the Sonja’s exactitude of tone with its outstanding image dimensionality you get a “sonic reality” you’ve never before experienced.