Introducing the Hailey Loudspeaker, the 2014 Launch!

Introducing the Sonja Loudspeaker, the biggest Launch Ever!

Welcome to the YG Acoustics Factory- Dick Diamond

The Wire Inside a YG Acoustics Loudspeaker

The YG Acoustics Factory Tour- Introducing Yoav Geva
YG Winds Their Own Coils

The Amazing Gildemeister Machine pt. 1

The Gildemeister at Work

Testing a YG Loudspeaker- the Proper Way

They Machine Their Own Circuit Boards- Yoav Geva

Dick Diamond- Inside the Kipod II

The YG Cones- Made in House, Amazing Manufacturing

Polishing the Panels and the Finale of the Tour


YG Acoustics reference quality loudspeakers. 

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YG Acoustics LLC
4942 Allison St. # 10
Arvada, CO 80002
Tel. +1-801-726-3887
YG Acoustics
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Established in 2002 and located in metro Denver, CO., U.S.A., overlooking the Rocky Mountains. YG Acoustics™ is a world-leading ultra-high-end speaker manufacturer.

YG incorporates a full-fledged high-tech research firm with a highly sophisticated CNC machine shop.

We get to go inside the factory and see the top level milling machines actually making the components right in front of our very eyes.

YG Acoustics™ utilizes highly advanced proprietary software, developed in-house, for designing its speakers. They are one of the very few manufacturers to produce in-house their own drivers, cabinets and most other high-precision parts.

The depth and breadth of YG's capabilities allow them to present you, the discerning listener, with speakers that are far more accurate than otherwise achievable.