Wyetech Ruby Phono P-1

By Peter Breuninger 

Setting Gain and Loading the Input

Set Up and Listening Conclusions

Overview with Peter and Roger Hebert, the Designer


Ruby P-1 Phono


Wyetech Labs
1662 St. Bernard Street
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 526-5390

Designer Roger Hebert has created what may be the world's finest phono stage for low output moving coils.

Hebert's unique solid state design bridges the gap between tubes and transistors with the speed and low noise floor of solid state in conjunction with the holographic imaging and layering that only tubes can produce.

The Ruby was tested with three world class turntables: the Goldmund Studio and T3F Arm, the Onedof Turntable and the Triangle Arts Signature.  Arms included the Triplaner, the Ikeda IT407 and the Kuzma 4Point.  Cartridges were the PhaseTech P1G, the Cello Miyabi and the Ikeda 9TT, all very low output moving Coils.

The hallmark of the Ruby is its low noise floor, it is DEAD quiet.  With almost 80 db of gain the lowest output cartridge produced minimal "shoosssss" thus greatly enhancing accurate reproduction.  There is no need for a step up transformer under any circumstance.

The 3D effect is extraordinary with this unit- almost tube like without the noise and with the frequency response that only SS can provide.

It's the best phono stage at this price point I've yet to experience.