Vivid V15 Loudspeaker Review, pt 1, Introduction and System

Vivid V15 Loudspeaker Review, pt 2, Listening Session and Observations

Vivid V15 Loudspeaker Review, pt 3, Sonic Evaluation and Conclusions



Vivid Audio

Vivid 1.5

On A Higher Note
949 544-1990


The Vivid Audio V1.5 is a stunning "monitor" type loudspeaker with a unique built in stand. 

The look of the loudspeaker exudes luxury.  Its exotic  curves excite the eye while it's refined sonics excite the ear.

The sound of the V1.5 is very realistic and detailed but yet musical and involving.


Configuration: 2 way vented cabinet

Cabinet material: Complex loaded carbon fibre filled polymer

Finish: High gloss automotive

Drive units: 26mm metal dome hf unit 158mm metal coned lf unit

Sensitivity: 89dB/1w @1m

Nominal Impedance (Ohm): 8 Frequency range (hz): - 6dB points 40 - 42,000

Frequency response (hz): 42 - 39,000 +/- 2dB

Dimensions (H, W, D) mm: 1130, 255, 240

Net mass (kg): 23

Shipping weight (kg): 37 (unit)