The LS-1  

By Peter Breuninger

System and Set Up, Veloce LS-1

Veloce LS-1 Listening and Reviewer Conclusions



Veloce LS-1


Veloce Audio LLC
329 Francis Avenue
Ambler, PA 19002

Mark Conti
Managing Director

Vytas Viesulas
Technical Director

The Veloce LS-1 is a battery powered linestage preamplifier.

It is a unique design that effectively takes the power supply "off the grid."  The benefits of this technology are lower noise floors and black jet backgrounds.

The unit is a tube linestage and offers the holography of tubes but with the impact approaching solid state at the frequency extremes. 

It is indeed beautiful to behold and striking in appearance with the four tubes popping out of the front of the unit.

The Veloce is very quiet and the music emerges from total silence.  It is spooky-real and will fool you into thinking that the unit is turned off between tracks.

The LS-1 is highly recommended for consideration and evaluation and we look forward to extensive listening with the LS-1 in 2013.

Peter Breuninger,