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Thanks Richard, you are missed.


T.H.E SHOW Newport 2016!

There is no question as to the commitment of the folks running this year’s show.  Richard Beers’ legacy lives strong thanks to President Maurice Jung, General Manager Marine Presson and the countless others who toiled steadfastly to ensure an excellent experience for exhibitors, attendees and press.  
The organizers successfully breathed an air of excitement into this year’s show. There’s something about extending the festivities to the outdoors, not easily accomplished in other parts of the country.

Live music was in The Lounge, offering daily and evening entertainment including singers Lyn Stanley, Lori Lieberman and musicians, Larry Mitchell and Dean Peer.  

This year’s show featured outdoor eating venues to avoid the long lines at the Marketplace and the Hotel Irvine’s restaurant were a welcome addition for this attendee; even the lines at the food trucks can take up to 45 minutes of one’s day.

Of course, the cars on display are a treat to the eyes, there is little doubt that the show’s organizers know what appeals to the men and women who love their machines, audio and otherwise!

Onward with the AVShowrooms Gold Show Award Winners for Sound:

Auralic with Ryan Speakers:
The Ryan/Auralic combination produced a very natural, realistic sound.  Instrumental tone qualities were reproduced with aplomb.  Listening to this system turned the rest of the world off for awhile.

Brian Zolner excited us by playing a pop song with the vocals stripped.  What a treat.  The sound was dynamic, multi-layered and punchy.  Truly engaging and there was no hesitation giving this room an award for sound.  For solid state, Brian’s products are hard to beat.

Emerald Physics with Core Power:
With such a tight and integrated bass and beautiful, open midrange and soundstage, there is no wonder this very affordable system is winning an award for sound. No doubt that Emerald Physics and Core Power can compete with audio systems costing multiple times the price.  EP featured their new 2.8 upgraded drivers and were fully tri-amped.  Core Power featured their EQUI=CORE.

The small GamuT’s reproduced some of the biggest sound at the show.  Music flowed with a natural quality unlike your typical hyper-detailed xray-vision audio system.  This is a true desert island system.

This was some of the most natural sound I’ve heard from an audio system.  The soundstage was huge and realistic.  This was the most three dimensional room at the show.  The involvement factor was off the charts.  Vanessa Fernandez was in front of us!  An ultra audio system one could live with forever.  

Modwright with Daedelus and WyWires:
Dan Wright spoke proudly of his new amps now in production- the Ambrose A30 monoblocks with 30 Watts, single-ended pure Class A power and zero feedback.  Magnificent!

In concert with Daedelus loudspeakers and newly upgraded WyWire cables, this room produced one of the best sounds at any show over the past five years.  The upcoming video gives you more information and a taste of the sound in this award winning room.

Synergistic Research:
Every demo track played made the gigantic ballroom disappear.  The Magico S7’s produced sound almost larger than life.  I could clearly hear the differences when SR’s lead designer, Ted Denney switched the Tranquility Base on and off.  This may have been the best SR system and demo I’ve heard at a show.

United Home Audio with MBL:
Anne Bisson’s “Blue Mind” reel to reel tape on the UHA Phase 12 tape deck was unquestionably one of the outstanding moments experienced in any room we attended at the show.  The details revealed, including Anne’s breathing, were apparent and having Anne herself say it sounded like she was at the recording studio was added testimonial.

An exceptional recording played back on an exceptional source reinforces that tape cannot be trumped when music is recorded so well and the sound reproduced on probably what is the best source component I’ve heard in my lifetime.

Von Schweikert:
The Anne Bisson reel to reel tape gave me some of the most realistic imagining and layering ever heard from an audio system.  The speed was lightning fast, the tonality was spot-on and the room disappeared.  The best Von Schweikert room I’ve heard at a show.

The sound was wonderful in every room.  We encourage you to join us at T.H.E. Show Newport 2017!

Terry Eringi and Peter Breuninger



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    A Tribute to Richard  Beers and meet the New Management!  

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