The Gold Show Awards

It's T.H.E. Show Newport

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The Gold Show Awards and the Silver Sound Awards below!

The coveted Gold Show Awards!

The Silver Sound Awards- recognizing
outstanding sonic achievement!

BMC Audio, Coincident Speaker Technology and
On A Higher Note




T.H.E. Show Newport Beach is one of the best high performance audio and music shows on the planet.  

The show is organized by Bob Levi and the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, the largest audio society in the United States, and by Richard Beers, promoter extraordinaire.

PR was by Nicoll Public Relations and numerous media companies sponsored the show and countless volunteers made the show a grand success.

This year's show was so large that it was held in two adjacent hotels!

The Gold Show sound award went to Scott Walker Audio with a great set up of YG Acoustic Kipods and Simaudio Moon components.  MBL was a close second with sound but stood head and shoulders above all the exhibitors with the best designed room.  It was an oasis of sound and beauty.

The best new product was the VPI Traveler Turntable in the Soundsmith suite. 

VPI's Mat Weisfeld has a sure fire hit with this outstanding and affordable unit!

The coveted Silver Sound awards were had by BMC Audio, On A Higher Note and Coincident Speaker Technology.  Setting up a room is part art and part expertise.  Hats off to these show winners.

Peter Breuninger
and the AVShowrooms team.