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Air Force One
Designed by:


Stella Japan

Distribution in the Americas:
Graham Engineering

25M Olympia Ave.
Woburn, MA
781 932-8777

Air Force One

 Air Force One
Complete System
Turntable plus:
Graham Phantom II
Custom HRS Platform
Custom Nordost Oden based
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The TechDAS Air Force One Turntable is a state of the art high performance audio product that provides for the effortless rotation of a phonograph record.  The Air Force One can play both 33.3 and 45 RPM records and offers the user a vacuum hold down system to efficiently attach the record to the platter.  With the Air Force One record playing system the LP itself becomes “one” with the platter and thus reduces the vibrations within the LP as the stylus travels through the groove.  This creates a more “quiet” environment for the reproduction of the recorded program material.

In addition to the vacuum hold down system the Air Force One features an air bearing where a cushion of air floats the sub platter and thus separates the platter from system vibration and minute forces within a standard frictional bearing system such as a thrust bearing.  This results in an exceptionally low noise environment for the playback of phonograph records.

The table offers a very high level of fit and finish and is beautiful to behold. 

My experience with the table is purely operational, I can easily say that the Air Force One made no perceivable sound during playback, speed change or vacuum functionality.

Peter Breuninger