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T.H.E. Show Las Vegas is an established 16 year event featuring the best of the best companies in high performance audio.


Hosted and promoted by Richard Beers T.H.E. Show attracts leading audio companies from around the globe.  

T.H.E. Show featured many fine sounding exhibits and exciting new products.  I was very impressed with a loudspeaker and amplifier launch from Perla.  The sound was detailed and the speaker disappeared with a track from Perla’s own CD.

It was great to see Mark Levinson, the man, back in the limelight.  Along with the Daniel Hertz loudspeakers and electronics, he was showing his new “Master Class” software for the Apple platform that is designed to increase the fidelity of CDs and 44.1 kHz files.  

The standout large format systems included the Perfect8 “The Force II” with VAC and Walker Audio and the Quintessence QLS line source speaker with Maker Audio, PBN, and the VPI Classic Direct.  These systems produced a huge soundspace with gigantic impact.

The small systems that sounded large included the Magneplanar MMGs and bass units and the Zesto driven TADs with WyWires, Tri-Planar and the Merrill Williams table. 

The PranaFidelity room and the Stenheim room were also very compelling with detail and scope far beyond their size and cost.

The live music at the opening banquet featured Grammy Award winner Larry Mitchell on guitar and Dean Peer on bass with a cameo appearance by "CARE" from Montreal.

The feel of comradeship and sharing the show experience while the music was playing is what  it's all about.

T.H.E Show remains one of the most intimate venues to sample the joys of music and audio.

Peter Breuninger


  The opening ceremonies, Richard Beers, Chad Kassem, Acoustic Sounds and Robert Harley, TAS

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Larry Mitchell guitar Dean Peer bass, the band Care

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