2012 Show


T.H.E. Show Las Vegas is an established 15 year event featuring the best of the best companies in high performance audio.

Hosted and promoted by Richard Beers T.H.E. Show attracts leading audio companies from around the globe.  


This was an exceptional show with great performaning artists such as Anne Bisson and Larry Mitchell plus all the audio companies that make Anne and Larry come to life in our homes.

The overall sound was fantastic but three rooms stood out... the Kharma suite, the Audionet suite and the Ayon Audio suite.

The Kharma suite featured sound that was detailed and very realistic.  Their new Elegance line of loudspeakers was featured and the fit and finish was simply extraordinary.

Audionet, an established German company was showing electronics that simply disappeared.  Audionet had the new Raidho C 3.1 floorstanding speakers that seamed to have no sound of their own.  It was an amazing combination.

In the Ayon Audio suite, the lumenwhite Artisian loudspeakers were mated with the new Ayon Audio Orthos II XS and produced some of the most palpable, real sound sound this veteran reviewer has ever heard at a show.

There were some rooms that came very close to Gold Show Award Best Sound status.  Magnepan had two low frequency planar "subs" that added another octave to the excellent 3.7s. 

Pranafidelity came close as well with room filling sound from a pair of Fifty90 speakers that retail for $3,500!  Simply amazing sound from Pranafidilety, it was robust, three dimensional and truly believable.
Thanks again to Richard Beers for another memorable audio experience!



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