T.H.E. Show Newport 2012   

Series Four- scroll down!
    The grand finale of one of the best audio shows
    on the planet.  Nine outstanding videos.

Audio Image- Scaena, VAC and Kronos

AVM- the top Ovation line

It's Voxativ, KR Audio, Gregitek, Contrast Audio, highend-electronics

Audio Revelation- Luxman, Vivid Speakers, Brinkmann, AudioAreo

Synergistic Research with Esoteric Electronics

ZU Audio

The Home Theater Experience- Tannoy, Cary Audio, NAD, Synergistic Research

Emerald Physics and WyWires

George Warren, Moerch, Sora Sound, Von Schweikert


T.H.E. Show
Newport 2012
Series Four