SMC VRE-1C Linestage

SMc VRE-1C pt. 1 Introduction, set-up and System

SMc VRE-1C pt. 2 Amazing Listening Sessions

SMc VRE-1C pt. 3 Sonic Evaluation


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The SMc VRE-1C is a watershed product.  It revolutionizes the evolution of the preamp/linestage by bringing the listener closer to the reality of the recording.

The unit looks like a standard linestage with little or no bling.  If you saw it at a show or in a dealer’s window you would not even notice it. 

I was fortunate to hear the unit at two audio shows and have the designer discuss its history and goals with me. 
One of the systems I heard it in was a Gold Show best sound winner and now I know one of the reasons for the award. 

The SMc VRE-1C may be the very best solid state linestage currently available.  It redefines the over written term “sonic reality” with the ability to present lifelike images and accurate tonality like no other linestage this veteran reviewer has yet to hear.  It is brutally honest but oh so listenable.

Please view all the videos and think about the linestage in your system.  Does it move you as much as the SMC VRE-1C does me?

This is a breakthrough product that you must audition if you value the sonic truth.