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Marjorie Baumert
show organizer

The Fest was amazing!

  The RMAF is one of the oldest continuously running high performance audio shows in North America.  This year’s show celebrated the ten year anniversary of the show.  Exhibitors and attendees came from all over the world to experience the sights and sounds of personal audio, two channel audio and multi channel systems.

The show had very good sound this year and the large exhibits were thrilling.  I was amazed by the large Aaudio Imports exhibit.  They were showing the statement Lansche 8.2 with exotic equipment from around the globe.  I was invited to a private showing of the room and as you can see and hear in the featured video it was simply amazing.  This room started out sounding a little pinched on the first day but by our appointment the sound was magnificent.

Everyone was talking about the Wilson exhibit in the Hyatt.  This was the first time Wilson Audio exhibited the XLFs with two Thor’s Hammers.  The bass drum thwacks were powerful and lifelike.  The images appeared in space  and become almost real.

The next system to impress was the YG Acoustics room.  The system was based upon the outstanding Sonja and the sound was clear and crisp as only YG can do.

  The fourth best sound award goes hands down to the Xact Audio room featuring Rockport Aviors.  The demo track was from the For Duke recording and the jazz ensemble was literally in the room with us.

Auralic won a best new product award for its Gemini head phone dock that houses a class A amplifier and DAC all DSD ready!  

Stillpoints surprised all of us show goers with room treatment panels that made the walls disappear.  A great new product from Stillpoints… congrats to their team for a best new product award!

All the rooms sounded good this year and the attendees had a blast.



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