Stealth SVI


By Peter Breuninger

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Series 6

1631 La Mesa Avenue
Spring Valley, CA 91977

(619) 851-6097

The Stealth SVI, Series 6, is a statement level modular speaker system that multi-dimensionally recreates the concert experience in your home.  It’s an imaging-tour-de-force with the speed of a jet fighter delivering the musical punch of a nuclear bomb.  The Stealth puts the word image in imaging.  There is no other speaker that produces lateral images like this.  Its surround sound effect is simply startling.  It is a multi-driver system, that while not all of the same cloth in driver technology pulls off the blend to fool the listener into hearing very believable images.

If you crave the dimensional intimacy of Miles Davis or the impact of the Philadelphia Orchestra the Stealth delivers it all.  It’s a new reference level audio speaker with the sound and visual impact to blow apart the establishment.  The Stealth from Quintessence… it’s an Absolute BOMB!

Peter Breuninger,



Full range system including active drive of the two 12" woofers with variable crossover control. The user will supply their own amplifier to drive the remaining drivers from 200hz.
Frequency response 16 Hz to 48 KHz +/- 3 DB
Nominal impedance 4 OHMS
Sensitivity 2.83 Volts yields 91 DB at one meter
 Driver complement: 2 x 12" woofer, 2 x 5.5" mid-range, 2 x 1" fabric domed tweeters, 1 x 2" ribbon super tweeter
Dimensions: 68" Tall, 24" Deep at Bottom, 15" Deep at Top, 18.5" Wide at Bottom, 9" Wide at Top
Weight: 320 lbs. net / 430 lbs. crated [per channel]