Introduction and tonearm set up

Reviewer observations and conclusions


KT Audio Imports

OSIRIS 9′ $4,990
OSIRIS 12″ $5,800

A work of art from Tom Vu


KT Audio Imports
Anaheim CA 92808
Phone: 714-553-6474

The Osiris Makassar Ebony is one of the finest sounding tonearms avaliable.

The arm blends art and function to deliver a powerful musical presentation.

•Unipivot Magnetic Bearing Tonearm

•Solid brass housing so responsive to the musicality and details

•Cryo .9999 fine silver continuous pick-up arm wire with RCA connectors

•Bearing Magnet which employs the rare-earth Neodymium, one of the strongest permanent magnets known

•On-the-fly VTA adjustment

•Easy turn able Counterweight for VTF (Vertical Tracking Force) with locking screw

•Overhand 192mm

•Effective mass 15-35 grams

•Cartridge range 6-18g