The Onedof
By Peter Breuninger

Onedof Set Up, Wyetech Phono Stage, HRS M3X Platform

Onedof with Ikeda Tonearm, IT-407, Ikeda 9TT Phono Cartridge

Reviewer Conclusions and Sonic Evaluations

Interview with Aleks Bakman, the Designer



One Degree of
Freedom Turntable

Aleks Bakman, Proprietor
1 720 979-6198


The Onedof is a ultra high performance turntable designed to play 33.3 and 45 RPM phonograph records.  Its design goal is to the let the music through, unimpeded by noise or vibration.  It features a unique bearing based upon the designers’ expertise in fluid and motion mechanics.  

Sonically, the Onedof is exceptional.  It boasts superb low frequency performance equaling the best digital play back systems.  It lets the essence of the music flow through your system without any distraction.  It is not over detailed, it is not colored, it’s simply musically perfect.

The look of the table is unparalleled.  Its gleaming three pillar design has a unique look that is indeed one of a kind.  If a discerning buyer would consider the Continuum Caliburn Reference without exploring the Onedof, they would be missing a lifetime opportunity.

The Onedof is a visual and sonic masterpiece.

Peter Breuninger,



The turntable features:

•The first in turntable history self-centering in all directions non-resonant platter bearing.

•Noiseless, noise canceling drive.

•Damped and automatically centered record clamping ring for the highest in the industry allowable volume of music reproduction without distortions.

•Tonearm tower with continuous, smooth yet solid on-the-fly Vertical Tracking Angle adjustment over three inches.

•60 lb aluminum platter with internal liquid damping.  The turntable weights 110 lb.

•24 carat gold plating