New York Audio and AV Show 2012
Video broadcasts throughout May and June 

Videos Series One- May 28
Videos Series Two- June 11

The Featured Video- AVM from Germany 


The Gold Show Awards and the *NEW* Silver Sound Awards Below

The coveted Gold Show Awards!

The Silver Sound Awards- recognizing
outstanding sonic achievement.


 New York Audio and AV Show

2013 Show

Show Organizers The Chester Group 

It's great to be back in New York!  These eight words echoed off the walls as the attendees entered the rooms and listened to some of the best HiFi in the World.

The Chester Group from England sponsored and organized the show.  Thanks to Arnold Martinez  of the Tweak Studio for hosting the Saturday night event and for the photo of the organizers.  Hats off to Nicoll Public Relations for the PR and to the Waldorf  Astoria Hotel and staff for hosting the event.

The MBL suite was  the most popular attraction with long lines winding the halls each day.

Best sound was to be had by Jim Morrision and the Doors in the Gramercy Suite.  This room offered a breathtaking stage and dynamics. 

The Silver Sound awards go to Scaena for lifelike reality, the Innovative Audio/Wilson/VTL room for dynamic impact and the Veloce Audio room for most balanced frequency response and believability.

Peter Breuninger