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Brio Trio

Brio Quatro

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The NOLA Brio Trio/Quatro is a satellite plus subwoofer loudspeaker system.  It is a compact, high-end three or four piece package featuring NOLA’s hallmark open baffle design and a novel "1½ way" enclosure for the main speakers.

The Brio Trio lives up to its name with sonic vitality and dynamic realism that far exceeds its compact size.  It’s ideal for use as a desktop monitor system or a top quality 2.1 channel system in smaller rooms or where space is limited yet uncompromising sound is desired.

Measuring just 5½ by 5½ by 12 inches, the Brio main speaker employs two identical 3½ inch (90 mm) drivers, with the upper driver operating in an open baffle as a dipole and the lower driver mounted in a ported chamber.  This configuration combines the natural imaging and expansive soundstage provided by the open baffle mounting with the dynamic presence and impact of the enclosure-mounted driver.

The matching subwoofer utilizes an 8-inch, long-throw, highpower- handling bass driver in a sealed enclosure, powered by a Class A/B 250-watt amplifier. NOLA chose Class A/B rather than the more typically used Class D subwoofer amplifier topology because of the A/B design’s superior sound quality.  

The subwoofer provides continuously variable level and crossover frequency controls (from 40Hz-180Hz, 24dB/octave), 6dB at 35Hz switchable EQ, a phase switch and line-level and speaker-level inputs, enabling it to be seamlessly matched to the Brio main speakers and deliver optimum performance in any system and room.