KWI 200 
                Unit tested includes phono stage 


By Robert Grossman

Introduction and the system

The sound of the ModWright, hear it yourself

Reviewer Conclusions- comparisons to other amplifiers


KWI 200
add Phono $395
add DAC $1,150


ModWright Instruments, Inc.
21919 NE 399th Street
Amboy, WA 98601
360 247-6688

Technical Specs
Power Ratings:
200W  8 ohms (.06% THD)
400W  4 ohms (.06% THD)

 (3) pairs RCA inputs.
 (1) pair XLR inputs.
 (1) pair RCA Home Theater Bypass (or preamp-in) inputs.
 (1) pair RCA Preamp-ouputs.
 (2) 12V Trigger outs.
 (2) Pairs 5-way binding posts.
 Remote Control: Volume, mute, source, power, trigger, display dim/off.

Optional: DAC, 24/192 Asynchronous, USB, RCA inputs.

Optional: MM/MC Phono with one pair RCA inputs.
 Gain: 50db, Including preamp stage gain.
 Loading: 100, 500 1K, 47K, 100pf internal dip switches.

Technical Specifications:
 Input Impedance: 20K.
 Bandwidth: 10Hz – 100Khz
 Gain: 34dB.
 Input Sensitivity: 1 Volt.
 Transformer: 1.5KVA
 Total Capacitance: > 234,000uf.
 Max input level: 6Vrms (18V pk-pk).
 Dimension: 17.63”-W x 17”-D x 6”-H
 Weight: 55lb (62lb shipped)