1611F D/A Converter
1621A Transport  

   Analog on a Silver Disc
     By Peter Breuninger


Introduction, Overview and Initial Setup

Setup and System Overview

The Review- MBL 1621A Reference Line Transport

The Review- MBL 1611F Reference Line D to A Converter

The Review- Conclusion

1611F D/A Converter
MSRP $28,700
1621A Transport
MSRP 28,000

MBL North America
263 W. End Avenue
Suite 2F
New York, NY 10023

(212) 724-4870

MBL Akustikgerate
GmbH & Co. KG
Kurfurstendamm 182
10707 Berlin

+49-(0) 30-230 05 84-0


The MBL 1611F D/A Converter and the MBL 1621F Transport represent a state-of-the-art attack on the best sound that digital audio reproduction offers today.  Together as a set they produce the most analog like sound this audio reviewer has yet to experience from a digital front end.  Ordinary 44.1 kHz Redbook CDs become as smooth as SACDs with the air and life you would expect from vinyl.  In fact, the MBL combination is as satisfying as one of the best analog systems in the world… the Onedof turntable, Triplaner, Ikeda, and Zuzma 4Point arms, Ikeda 9TT and Phase Tech P-1G cartridges into the outstanding Wyetech Ruby Phono Stage.  That’s a $170,000 analog system!

The MBL 1611F D/A Converter and 1621F Transport… it’s analog on a silver disc!