Kuzma 4Point 


By Peter Breuninger
Introduction and tonearm set up

Installing the cartridge and initial listening

Reviewer Conclusions- comparisons to other tonearms


  4Point Tonearm
$6,375 single-wire
$6,775 bi-wire

A masterpiece from Franc Kuzma

Elite Audio Video Distribution
Mr. Scot Markwell
P.O.Box 93896
CA 90093-0896
+323 466 9694 ext 22

Hotemaže 17/a, SI-4205 Preddvor, Slovenija

+386 4 253 54 50

The Kuzma 4point tonearm is one of the top tonearms available today. 

The arm is quick and fast with little sonic signature of its own.  If you value "recorded truth" this may be the best tonearm ever made.

Technical Specs:

Effective length(mm)- 280
Arm Mount distance- 212
Spindle to bearing- 264
Bearing type- 4 pivot
Effective Mass(g)- 14
VTA adjustment- tower
Azimuth- worm drive
Detachable headshell