By Peter Breuninger
Introduction, setup and listening

Ikeda overview and discussion, history and performance

Ikeda IT-407, 9TT reviewer conclusions



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The Ikeda IT-407 is a reference level tonearm for the playing of LP phonograph records.  It is designed to minimize vibration from the phono cartridge and to accurately trace the side of a record.

Tonearms do affect the sound of LP record playback and the Ikeda offers vivid and realistic imaging of an instrument or voice.

The look of the arm is one of beauty and function.  The touch points are solid and confidence building.  It makes playing a record a "gratifying experience".

The 9TT phonograph cartidge is a low output moving coil requiring a very low noise phono stage or step up transformer.  The cartridge offers outstanding midrange performance.

Peter Breuninger,