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High End Munich 2016

The halls and rooms were packed with consumers and trade folk.  The enthusiasm was palpable and despite very challenging rooms and kiosks, there was a lot of good sound.  The bleed-through in the larger atrium rooms, however, was quite a bit more distracting than the previous years.  

Perhaps, the volumes were louder in the rooms, overall.  No matter, exhibitors and attendees were noticeably caught up in the excitement of the moment – the excitement of being at the largest and most important high-performance audio event in the world.

Highlights include the “Meet and Greet” in the Audionet hospitality suite.  Members of the press were introduced to Hartmut Esslinger, likely the world’s most prominent and influential industrial designer whose achievements include the designs for Apple and McIntosh among other groundbreaking companies that have changed the way the world lives today. Esslinger joined forces with Audionet to design the new uber preamp, The Stern and the mono amps called Heisenberg.  

Yes, as in the “Say my Name” Heisenberg!  There is a tie-in! Check out the Audionet website for more information. 

Another highlight was the new Kodo loudspeaker, a four column system and almost 8 feet tall, brought to us by Gryphon Audio. Big, clear, spatial sound elegantly presented to us by Rune Skov, sales manager, Europe, with tracks from a variety of musical genres.

Ownership of the Kodo has additional advantages including a visit from a Gryphon representative 3 months after initial installation to ensure optimal set-up.  Now that’s what I call commitment to customer satisfaction.

Terry Eringi



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