The High End Show in Munich has evolved into the largest and most important audio show in the world. 

The show is held in the MOC, or Munich Order Center.  It was built to showcase fashion and design products and lends itself perfectly for high performance audio products.  The rooms are large and well lit allowing for manufacturers and distributors to show their full product lines. 

Sonically, the rooms are good.  I believe the show is not a sound contest, it is more about product display and awareness.  If an exhibitor gets good sound... that is indeed a bonus.

Gryphon Audio did in fact, get very good sound.  Their controlled listening sessions were well planned. 

Other noteworthy rooms for sound included Burmester, the Eventus/MSB room, and Raidho.  I heard detail from my reference recording in the Raidho room that was astonishing.

The overall standout room was the AVM, Gauder Akustik room.  The display was perfect and as you can see from the video, very eye appealing.  The sound was very good as well.

The best products award went to Brodmann Acoustics.  The fit and finish of their loudspeakers is the best in the business.  Making pianos for over 200 years gives a company a lot of experience.  Plus, the sound from a Brodmann loudspeaker is balanced and musical, like a fine instrument.

If you have the opportunity to attend next year's show...  don't miss it! 




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