2013 HiFi Deluxe Show

The HiFi Deluxe audio show at the Marriott in Munich, is a small, intimate show with very good sound.  This year was no exception.

One of the stand out rooms was Malvalve with a clear and holographic sound. Dieter Mallach is truly a master of engineering to bring us a perfectly relaxing
sound without any harshness. Bravo!  
There was the Vertere room with Vertere turntables, PMC loudspeakers and FM Acoustics electronics, room operator and proprietor of Vertere Ltd, Touraj Moghaddam, created magic and the vocal cut by Vanessa Fernandez punched though and engaged this listener to forget where she was.  There was only Vanessa and I in the room.

Synergistic Research's Ted Denney did a mind boggling demo for attendees that produced some of the best sound at the show.  This with a plastic Bose radio!  No, I have not lost my mind.

Another important mention and Gold Show award winner is a French company called JMF. They managed to put together a room with a huge soundstage and perfectly
integrated sound.  Check out the video folks, there is something to learn about JMF.

Let's not forget the Acapella room where Hermann Winters,loudspeaker manufacturer extraordinaire produced superior sound without any of the cuppy horn sound that is often
problematic with horn loudspeakers.

Every room in this small show invited us in as guests in their homes.  HiFi Deluxe is a jewel in the audio show crown.

In all, this show is a well attended show for serious music lovers and audiophiles.  It was born from a passion to achieve great sound with exceptional
equipment. A reproduction of sound at its highest level.

The relaxed and joyful demeanor of the exhibitors draws you in. A shuttle runs every 15 minutes back and forth from the Marriott to the MOC, so there is no reason not to include HiFi Deluxe when attending next year's High End show in Munich.

Terry Eringi


  HiFi Deluxe 2015 Munich, the Reviewer's View

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