2013 HiFi Deluxe Show


HiFi Deluxe is an outstanding high performance audio show.

It runs concurrent with the High End Society’s show in Munich Germany.  For the past several years HiFi Deluxe has been held at the Munich Marriott. 

The hotel has a conference area with very good sounding large rooms and excellent sounding small rooms.  HiFi Deluxe may be the best sounding show out there.  The show is small and intimate and features companies that want to demonstrate their equipment in a more “home like” environment.

This year’s show had great sounding rooms.  Five rooms stood out as spectacular, including Mal Valve, Einstein, FM Acoustics, Sound Galleries and IBEX.  They all had one attribute in common… life likeness. If you closed your eyes in any of these rooms you could visualize the performers in the room.  It was spooky and captivating.

The show featured some of the world’s most exotic turntables.  The Air Force One from TechDAS was a sonic delight with Einstein Electronics and AudioMachina loudspeakers.  The Horo table from Italy was far larger than any photo could portray and the “bow” like tonearm was incredible with a tensioning mechanism that changed the sonic character of the arm.  The Laudatio turntable was spinning in the Acapella room with science fiction looking wooden wheels and a tonearm as long as your arm.  The sound was breathtaking.

Audio Note had a great sounding room and Robert Lighton Audio was introducing Audio Note co-designed electronics and table.

The high point of the show was meeting Manuel Huber, the founder of FM Acoustics.  His company is perhaps the most exclusive audio company in the world.  It was an honor to shake his hand.

If you go to Munich for the High End Show you must take some time and visit HiFi Deluxe, it’s a jewel of a show.


  HiFi Deluxe 2014 Munich, the Reviewer's View- Peter Breuninger

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