Audio Note in Munich

ModWright and Von Schweikert, excellent sound,

Penaudio, Gold Note Amps, Rossner & Sohn Turntables

VPI Turntables, Duevel Loudspeakers, Audiomat Amplifiers

AsK Audio Loudspeakers from Germany

Acapella Horn Loudspeakers

Audionet with Thomas Gessler

Audionet Listening Session with KEF Blade, the best KEF Blade system ever


High End Munich Awards

The High End Munich Show attracts so many visitors that the city can support an auxiliary show.   Hifideluxe and several dealer seminars such as HiFi Concepts' Audionet event complement High End Munich. 

Visitors can experience a more intimate setting at these smaller venue events.

The Marriott Munich is home to the Hifideluxe show.  Audio Note exhibited it's "Zero" system, a desk top system that brings the Audio Note signature sound to a far wider audience.

ModWright and Von Schweikert had great sound at Hifideluxe.  It was smooth and very realistic.

Munich dealer HiFi Concepts hosted the Audionet event.
The outstanding event was noteworthy for the sound of the system.  I've never heard KEF Blades sound so natural.  Perhaps it was the venue or perhaps the Audionet equipment.  Nonetheless, the presentation was outstanding.